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Ultra Net Booster 5.4

Ultra Net Booster prevents unwanted disconnections and increases Web speed
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Ultra Net Booster prevents unwanted disconnections and increases the speed of the internet connection, thus boosting performance up to 500%. It is a freeware program that tweaks the system so that it remains optimum. It changes certain system registry that affects the network connection, thus optimizing the internet performance. It is bundled with utilities - a network ping, ultra net booster and Freemen utility. The network ping does not let the system get disconnected from the ISP as it provides complete handover of the Ping interval, host and sound to the user. The Booster enhances the transmission of data thus preventing data-fragmentation. Freemen utility helps in emptying physical memory or RAM.

The features includes in-built ISB automatic ping mode, as well as easy registry back-up. Manual and automatic modes are provided in the ISB for dial-up and LAN settings. All network connections are supported with support of all hardware and software adapters. The user can also handle Max MTU, RWIN, TTL, PMTU and NDI cache.

This program is fully compatible with all Windows platforms. Also, a comprehensive help file is included with definitions of various terms and settings for the better understanding of the user. When uninstalled, the original Windows registry settings can easily be recovered.

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  • Enhances system and internet speed


  • Changes registry values
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